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About us

Welcome to Climate Tracker Caribbean, where we’re on a mission to shake things up and make climate action in the Caribbean region fresh, fun, and impactful. Our team is passionate about empowering young people and driving change through the transformative power of journalism.

Who are we?

We are part of the global NGO, Climate Tracker. We’re a vibrant network of climate enthusiasts, rebels, and visionaries who believe that reporting climate change doesn’t have to be tedious. We’re here to infuse energy, creativity, and fresh perspectives into the climate discourse in the Caribbean.

Our cool credentials

We’ve got some serious street cred when it comes to supporting journalism and media in the Caribbean. Since 2022 we’ve launched not one, not two, but four awesome fellowships to supercharge climate journalism in the region. These fellowships provide aspiring journalists and communicators with unique opportunities to develop their skills, tell compelling climate stories, and be part of a community of changemakers.


Caribbean Energy Transition


Citizen Journalism


Climate Justice





Our impact

Through these fellowships, we’ve nurtured a vibrant community of more than 75+ journalists, content creators and communications who are making waves in the Caribbean media landscape. Their work has reached audiences far and wide, shedding light on pressing climate issues, sparking conversations, and inspiring action.

At Climate Tracker Caribbean, we also organise engaging public events, community hangouts and workshops that bring together passionate individuals from all over the region. We’re not afraid to think outside the box, challenge our own preconceptions and beliefs and have some fun along the way. Together, we’re shaping a future where climate action is engaging, accessible, and embraced by all.

Our team

Johannes Damodar Patak, Programme Officer and Journalism Mentor

Meet Johannes, our writing wizard programs officer, with a dash of climate enthusiasm! has 6+ years of experience as a writer.

Dizzanne Billy, Regional Director

This is Dizzanne, our Regional Director and Climate Storyteller Extraordinaire. She is a Communications and Digital Marketing Specialist with 8+ years of experience in climate communications and storytelling.

Hipolito Novelo, Journalism Mentor

Meet Hipolito Novelo, our Caribbean Journalism Mentor who knows how to make news waves! Hipolito is a journalist for News 5, in Belize.

Gladstone Taylor, Podcast Editor

Gladstone Taylor is an author/journalist living and operating out of the creative industries of Kingston, Jamaica. He has been writing professionally for over eight years.

Camol Walker, Commmuniactions Officer

Camol is a goal-driven Communication Enthusiast, Videographer, and Musician hailing from the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica.

Our partners

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