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Caribbean Climate Calabash

Your hub for engaging discussions on climate change and sustainability in the Caribbean region.

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Caribbean Climate Calabash Previous Episodes

S2 Ep.25 | Climate Tracker Journalism Awards W/ Candice Stewart

S2 Ep.24 | Climate Tracker Journalism Awards W/ Laura Castillo

S2 Ep.23 | Climate Tracker Journalism Awards W/ Rubi Morillo

S2 Ep.22 | The Caribbean’s Water Situation; Above Ground, Below the Surface and at Sea

In this latest episode we continue the conversation about Water from episode 20 with two special guests. Joining us for this episode are Dr Arpita Mandal(Senior Lecturer of Geology and Geography at UWI Mona & Hydrogeologist), and Dr Debbie Gordon-Smith(Lecturer of Chemistry at UWI Mona and Chemist specializing in water). They share with us some of the science they’ve become privy to as it relates to water in the Caribbean region, the projects they are working on and also some tips and insight for water conservation as drought looms for the summer months.

S2 Ep.21 |Editor’s Cut: New Season, a world under water & more

In this episode the editor Gladstone Taylor shares some news, and a few thoughts about season two, the new upcoming season, climate tracker Caribbean and even Mia Motley’s recent address at the UN general assembly.

S2 Ep.20 | Water quality data, scarcity and sustainability

In this episode of the Caribbean Climate Calabash, our program officer Johannes sits down with Dr. Sharda Mahabir- National Coordinator, GEF SGP Trinidad and Tobago. In this insightful installment, they discuss the looming potential for greater water scarcity in the region as the climate heats up and becomes more dry. They also discuss tips for everyday households to implement to help restore the micro climate in their homes as well as building resilience for scarcity.

S2 Ep.19 | Sustainable development for islands, Climate change denalists & COP28

The Island Innovation Co are a group working to assist with building resilience through sustainable development for island regions like the Caribbean. In this episode we share a humorous and interesting conversation with Island Innovation’s James Ellsmoor about what sustainable development looks like in different regions, how to deal with climate change denialists and more.

S2 Ep.18 | The state of Caribbean Climate Journalism, obstacles and opportunities

In this episode we catch up with our Climate justice fellowship alum, Bahamian Journalist and Opportunities editor at the International Center For Journalists, Deandre Williamson. She shares her recent experiences, stories she’s been editing for the paper in Bahamas and her time as apart of the UN’s Reham Al-Farra (RAF) Memorial Journalism programme.

S2 Ep.17 | Climate Tracker + Global Yaadie: Cop28, Climate Justice & more

In this episode we share some laughs and pouts with one of our very own podcast colleagues Global Yaadie. Spearheaded by Dainalyn Swaby, the global Yaadie podcast looks at climate change, sustainable living and advocacy of marginally impacted groups. This week she shares some of her COP28 experiences and more

S2 Ep.16 | The curious case of Tobago’s mysterious oil spill

πŸ“… This week’s episode features a chat with journalists from Trinidad and Tobago πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ή about the recent oil spill in Tobago. Joining us are Kalain Hosein, Kandace Jackson, Christianne Zakour, and Ryan Bachoo. πŸŽ™οΈ Tune in to unravel the tale of Tobago’s enigmatic oil spill.

S2 Ep.15 | OptOut + Climate Tracker: COP28 Reflections

🌍 Amanda Magnani, a COP28 Climate Tracker fellow and extraordinary journalist, takes us on a journey back to her experiences during and after last year’s COP28. She interviewed several key sources, including Climate Tracker’s Chris Wright, discussing the genesis of Climate Tracker, the irony of hosting COP28 in a petrol state, and more. Don’t miss out! Tune in! πŸŽ™οΈ

S2 Ep.14 | Indigenous human rights, COP28, and climate journalism angst

In this episode, we chat with journalist and fellow Stefanie Lauchman about the aftermath of COP28, her stories about indigenous people in Suriname, and more. Stefanie also shares her perspective from the collaborative piece featuring Candice and Samuel, examining the mental health implications of climate change on indigenous people, especially. πŸŽ™οΈπŸŒ

S2 Ep.13 | COP28 is over, what’s next?

In Climate Tracker’s latest Community hangout, Climate Diplomacy Advisor Kristin Qui and Journalist Kalain Hosein share their thoughts on how COP28 concluded. They provide their final analysis, moderated by Climate Tracker’s regional director, Dizzanne Billy. Tune in for this insightful session! πŸŒπŸ”

S2 Ep.12 | Climate Change, Mental Health, and Indigenous People

🌍 Candice and Samuel, two exceptional journalists from Climate Tracker’s Climate Justice Journalism fellowship, are bringing your insights in this episode! They’re sharing the findings from their collaborative report on the impact of Climate Change on the mental health of Indigenous or First people. πŸ“°πŸ’‘ Joined by the seasoned broadcast journalist and Climate Tracker Journalism Mentor, Hipolito, these dynamic storytellers shed light on the lesser-heard tales of indigenous people, exploring the effects in both Jamaica and Guyana. πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡¬πŸ‡Ύ Tune in for a compelling conversation that goes beyond the headlines! πŸŽ™οΈβœ¨

S2 Ep.11 | Carbon markets and Suriname’s indigneous communities

Climate Tracker’s COP28 fellow Stefanie Lauchman has been πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ keenly following the negotiations surrounding the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Article 6. It’s all about carbon markets and carbon trading between businesses and countries. As these talks advance, there is concern from experts about the missing language that could help to ensure the 🌍 indigenous communities that have long been stewards and residents of these conservatory lands are included. Stefanie shares what she found out during her first COP experience with Hipolito Novelo. 🌱🌏

S2 Ep.10 | How does COP28’s Global Stocktake affect you

🌍 COP28 hits its midway point, and mentor Hipolito Novelo catches up with Climate Tracker’s fellow, Kalain, for an exciting update on his journey! The Loss and Damage has been operationalised, paving the way for the conference’s next phase. Stay tuned.

S2 Ep.09 | Guyana’s forest protection agenda at COP28

🌿 Guyana is actively negotiating for increased finance and support to bolster its climate change mitigation efforts. With 80% of its land covered in forests, Guyana stands as a regional leader in the sustainable climate fight. Vishani Ragobeer brings updates from Guyana’s COP28 negotiations, shedding light on their significance for both the country and other Caribbean states.

S2 Ep.08 | COP28 Loss and Damage Pledges Not Enough

In the last few days of the COP28 conference in Dubai, there have been numerous developments. Specifically, Caribbean leaders’ push for loss and damage funding has received inadequate pledges. To illustrate this, our virtual COP28 fellow, Richie Ferrol, shares his loss and damage story and emphasises the significance of these missing funds for countries like Dominica. πŸŒπŸ’”

S2 Ep.07| What You Need to Know to cover COP28

As the UNFCCC gears up for its annual Conference Of Parties (COP), 🌍 Climate Tracker is thrilled to present insights from some of our most accomplished alumni and staff on effectively covering the event. Join us to glean valuable tips from COP27 Climate Justice Reporting Fellow, Ryan Bachoo, 🎀 facilitator Mariana Estrada, πŸ“ Caribbean Journalism Mentor Hipolito Novelo, and 🌴 Caribbean Regional Director, Dizzanne Billy. Each of them brings a wealth of experience and expertise in reporting on this significant conference. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best! Tune in for more details! πŸ“’

S2 Ep.06 | Money talks: How are Caribbean countries getting climate finances?

πŸŽ™ In this episode, we hear from the esteemed climate justice journalism fellows: Vishani, Kyle, and Jermine from Guyana, Barbados, and St. Kitts & Nevis respectively. Each of these young journalists carries stories and updates from their own countries about the growing climate issue and how the lack of promised finance to build resilience affects the region’s development. This episode is hosted by our Caribbean Programme Officer and Journalism Mentor, Johannes, and promises to rouse and enlighten! 🌍✨

S2 Ep05: Surviving the oil and gas death spiral

A discussion with the CEO of the Carbon Zero Institute of Trinidad and Tobago, Donald Baldeosingh, an expert in the field of energy. He even had a stint as the chairman of Trinidad and Tobago’s National Oil Company, Petrotrin. He speaks about the transformation in his own career and how that has blossomed into CZITT, but also about the transformation that needs to occur in the economy to ease the climate neutral energy transition our region so desperately needs.

S2 Ep04: Loss and damage: slow progress or no progress?

The issue of loss and damage is a critical one for the vulnerable Caribbean region and the small island developing states that live there.

S2 Ep03: Mertrina: Climate advocacy, creativity, and science combined

In this episode of the Caribbean Climate Calabash we put a spotlight on one of the Caribbean’s most unique approach to environmental work.