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Your hub for engaging discussions on climate change and sustainability in the Caribbean region.

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Caribbean Climate Calabash Previous Episodes

S2 Ep.11 | Carbon markets and Suriname’s indigneous communities

S2 Ep.10 | How does COP28’s Global Stocktake affect you

S2 Ep.09 | Guyana’s forest protection agenda at COP28

S2 Ep.08 | COP28 Loss and Damage Pledges Not Enough

S2 Ep.07| What You Need to Know to cover COP28

S2 Ep.06 | Money talks: How are Caribbean countries getting climate finances?

S2 Ep05: Surviving the oil and gas death spiral

A discussion with the CEO of the Carbon Zero Institute of Trinidad and Tobago, Donald Baldeosingh, an expert in the field of energy. He even had a stint as the chairman of Trinidad and Tobago’s National Oil Company, Petrotrin. He speaks about the transformation in his own career and how that has blossomed into CZITT, but also about the transformation that needs to occur in the economy to ease the climate neutral energy transition our region so desperately needs.

S2 Ep04: Loss and damage: slow progress or no progress?

The issue of loss and damage is a critical one for the vulnerable Caribbean region and the small island developing states that live there.

S2 Ep03: Mertrina: Climate advocacy, creativity, and science combined

In this episode of the Caribbean Climate Calabash we put a spotlight on one of the Caribbean’s most unique approach to environmental work.

S2 Ep02: Where is the climate finance?

In this episode of the Caribbean Climate Calabash we have the first of what we like to call the “GroupCast”. We’ll be having three Climate Justice Fellows and one of our mentors discuss the pressing topic of Sargasso and coastal erosion in the region.

S2 Ep01: Breastfeeding is Carbon Neutral?

Candice Stewart is an upcoming journalist living and working in Kingston Jamaica with a passion for accurate reporting and subjects like Climate Change in the island.

S01 Ep11: What about the Caribbean climate narrative?

Dizzanne, Hipolito, and Johannes from our Caribbean Climate Tracker team are excited to share about the opportunities they’ve been able to facilitate for the region’s climate journalists.

S01 Ep10: The art of climate journalism

Jason Pinas is a freelance journalist from Suriname with a reputable history in the field. He is well known for his bravery as a professional. I

S01 Ep09: El desafío de ser periodista climática en República Dominicana

Elvira Hernández is a corporate communicator with more than eight years of experience leading a team. She has told stories in various digital media outlets in the Dominican Republic, including Listín Diario.

S01 Ep08: La crisis climática crea vacíos alimentarios en Puerto Rico

Carlos Palanco is a multimedia freelance journalist and correspondent for Latino Rebels. His work mostly focuses on covering public unrest, political corruption, and the climate crisis.

S01 Ep07: Finding the connecting threads

Gladstone Taylor is an author/journalist living and operating out of the creative industries of Kingston, Jamaica. He has been writing professionally for over eight years.

S01 Ep06: Giving the mic to Caribbean indigenous communities

Maureen Valmond is a journalist, social and climate justice advocate with indigenous heritage, living in Dominica.

S01 Ep05: Think big, start small

Kevin Headly is a filmmaker and journalist from Suriname with a passion for the audiovisual format. Combined with his love of film, is Kevin’s love of forests, climate justice and the amazing work conservationists are doing in his home country.

S01 Ep04: Finding the real Caribbean climate issues

Rochelle Clayton is a staff journalist from Jamaica, working for the Observer Newspaper to expose the key issues of regular everyday people. In this episode of the podcast we get a closer look at the mind behind these stories; what goes into her reporting, how she decides on key issues and of course the origin of her passion for journalism and climate change.

S01 Ep 03: Climate Change affects everything

Andre Habet is a Journalist, writer, researcher and scholar from Belize who specializes in analyzing climate policy. In this episode of the Caribbean Climate Calabash, Andre shares some of his early ambitions and how those gave way to his present career path.

S01 Ep02: “Good Journalism brings about change.”

Deandre Williamson is a multi award winning journalist and editor from the Bahamas. In this episode she shares more about herself and her experience connecting with other journalists through the climate justice journalism’s first cycle.

S01 Ep.01: Journalism Chose Me

David Papannah is a journalist from Guyana. In this episode Johannes delves into David’s story from his birth to toddler years and his journey into the journalism field. “I think journalism chose me,” he jokes.