15 Caribbean journalists embark on an epic climate justice journey!

We are excited to introduce you to the remarkable young people selected as fellows for the second round of this first-of-its-kind regional journalism fellowship.

The climate crisis affects every corner of the planet, but its impacts are not felt equally. The Caribbean region, with its vulnerable ecosystems, small island states, and high dependence on natural resources, is particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of climate change. In this context, discussing and reporting climate justice in the Caribbean becomes of utmost importance. By understanding and advocating for these issues, we can strive towards a more equitable and sustainable future for the entire region.

In the first generation of our Caribbean Climate Justice Journalism fellowship, we saw insightful stories published from Belize throughout the islands and back down to the mainland Caribbean countries of Guyana and Suriname. Our fellows covered key issues of climate justice, such as access to sustainable energy, the Escazú Agreement, the mental impacts of the climate crisis, and loss and damage.

And now, we are excited to introduce you to the remarkable young people selected as fellows for the second round of this first-of-its-kind regional journalism fellowship.

Through this programme, we aim to empower and amplify the voices of passionate young journalists dedicated to addressing this crisis and advocating for climate justice in their communities.

Over the next 6 months, our fellows will rock the boat with their storytelling, shedding light on areas of injustice that must be addressed. They will also have fun networking with other technical experts from the Caribbean.

Join us on this epic journey, celebrating these extraordinary fellows and getting pumped for their inspiring stories! 🌺🎉🌟

Aleigha General is a passionate international relations student at the University of West London. She is driven by a desire to address pressing social issues in her region. Inspired by her recent experience at COP27, Aleigha is determined to raise awareness about sustainable practices and advocate for a better environment. With her storytelling skills and dedication, she aims to inspire change and become a powerful advocate for climate justice.

Anika Christopher is a journalist and author of the picture books “Planting Peace” and “Anansi and the Green Sea Turtles”. She teaches English as an adjunct lecturer at her local community college. Born and raised in the British Virgin Islands with a Jamaican mother, she is passionate about reporting on issues related to the Caribbean, ranging from tourism to financial services to the environment and climate change. She has experience across a range of media platforms including television, magazine and newspaper publications. She believes that words can change the world and uses them to empower others through her journalism.

Britney Nurse is a Trinidadian lawyer and writer passionate about the environment and the interlinkage between human rights and climate change.  Using her writing skills and legalese, Britney hopes to advocate for the communities impacted by the systems that create climate change and perpetuate discrimination by exposing the injustices imposed on society. She launched several discussions on the role of environmental law in climate justice, plastic pollution, and the perilous effects of the oil & gas industry on the Caribbean.

Candice is a Jamaican writer and journalist. She thrives off conversations that lead to human interest stories highlighting the work and journey of individuals and businesses.  With the concern of climate change issues, she now plans to begin the inclusion of climate justice-related stories in the stories she writes.

Duane is a  renowned award-winning reporter/journalist in Belize and has worked at News Five Belize for the past 15 years. His love for exploring different cultures has led them to travel extensively, immersing themselves in diverse experiences. Food, music, and the creative arts hold a special place in his heart. He dedicated four years to dancing with a prominent dance company in his country, showcasing his talent on local and international stages alongside Belizean artists.

Gabriela Taveras is a young professional who is skilled in advocacy, research and climate change. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Tropical Forest Landscapes from Yale University, a Master of Arts in Development Studies (majoring in the Environment, Resources and Sustainability) from the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, and a Bachelor of Science in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University. She grew up in the Dominican Republic and has worked for institutions such as the United Nations, the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and the U.S State Department.

Jermine Abel is a St. Kitts-Nevis-based journalist who has been in the business of reporting for more than 14 years. He is an independent all-round journalist who covers crime, health sports, business, and soft beat among others. 

The Guyanese-born journalist is one of those senior journalists who work within the multimedia landscape of the twin-island Federation, providing local, regional and international breaking news. Jermine covers everything under the sun, even if it takes him on the road to uncover the truth.

Kyle is a writer and ecologist residing on the island of Barbados. With a deep passion for sharing the stories of the natural world, he has dedicated his craft to raising awareness about environmental issues. Much of his writing experience stems from publishing captivating stories with renowned platforms such as the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Caribbean and the Cari-Bois Environmental News Network.

Through the art of storytelling, his ultimate goal is to bring attention to the pressing environmental challenges that surround us. Additionally, he devotes time to his blog, where he documents his immersive experiences in nature through detailed field journal entries.

Located in Central Belize, Marco is a journalist, writer, and digital media consultant specializing in content creation. His career has encompassed a diverse range of multimedia roles, from his initial position as a Master Control Operator for Krem Television, culminating as the Editor-in-Chief at the Amandala Newspaper, reflecting his steady advancement through the ranks.

He continues to contribute to the publication with a focus on writing climate change stories, sparked by the impassioned calls for action he witnessed at COP25. Outside of work, Marco is an avid bushman and self-proclaimed 5-star jungle chef.

Princess is a Trinidadian writer and blogger with articles in the fields of human rights, labour laws, and occupational safety and health. She is an advocate for labour rights, mental health, disability rights, and climate justice. With a degree in Occupational Safety and Health, she centres her work on providing safer spaces and risk-reduction strategies for communities and the environment.

Richie is a well-respected professional in the Commonwealth of Dominica. He serves as a Multimedia journalist, formerly with the WICE QFM radio station. He now works as a freelance journalist with a strong interest in stories which focus on climate justice, the environment and its preservation, human interest stories, eco-friendly community-based programs, and environmental advocating.

Richie has more than eight years of experience in the media industry, with certification from the Media Institute of the Caribbean and the International Center for Journalists. Richie is also a professional Drummer and Artist.

Stefanie Lauchman is a young journalist, who started her career at the National Broadcaster (STVS). She also works as the communications manager for the Mulokot Foundation. She is a passionate women’s rights activist and SRHR & Human Rights Advocate. With climate change being one of the greatest threats to the human rights of especially vulnerable and underprivileged communities, Stefanie developed a keen interest in climate stories. A bubbly ambivert, she enjoys cooking, reading, and spending quality time with loved ones and has a deep love for music.

Vishani is a young Guyanese journalist, with a keen interest in science journalism and multimedia storytelling. She is a Climate Tracker alum fellow, having reported on the COP26 climate negotiations. She loves travelling, reading, photography and watching rom-coms.  

Priscilla is a freelance journalist based in Suriname with a deep passion for writing. She is a wife, mother, and dedicated student pursuing a master’s degree in history. With six years of experience in the field of journalism, Priscilla has covered a wide range of topics and areas of interest.

She began her career in 2017 with Suriname’s oldest newspaper, Dagblad De West, and is currently working as a freelance journalist for Starnieuws and Suriname Herald, primarily reporting on the meetings of the National Assembly in Suriname.

Samuel is a Guyanese journalist, news anchor, and editor, who has worked in broadcast, print, and online journalism for over a decade. During this time, he has covered several important beats including politics, economics/finance, parliamentary affairs, and energy, among others. Samuel also had stints working in two other Caribbean countries, namely St. Lucia and the British Virgin Islands. He is a Thomson Reuters Foundation alum, and currently a student in creative writing at IGNOU.

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