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Community Solutions to Heatwave Vulnerable Grids

The article contrasts challenges faced by Santa Elena's indigenous community with their solar project to Belize's national grid rooftop solar, stressing support for both initiatives for climate justice.

Recently, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made a chilling declaration: “The era of boiling has begun.” In the past few months, the entire world has experienced unprecedented heat waves. This has resulted in increased demand for energy to keep cool, which in turn strains electric grids to their limit, creating a vicious cycle. This article discusses the challenges faced by the indigenous community of Santa Elena in Toledo with their solar system project in comparison to the implementation of rooftop solar on the national grid in Belize. It highlights the importance of supporting both initiatives as they are crucial for achieving climate justice and shaping a sustainable future.

This story was published by Climate Spotlight with the support of the Caribbean Climate Justice Journalism Fellowship, which is a joint venture between Climate Tracker and Open Society Foundations.


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Marco Lopez

Marco is a journalist, writer, and digital media consultant specialising in content creation. His career has encompassed a diverse range of multimedia roles, from his initial position as a Master Control Operator for Krem Television, culminating as the Editor-in-Chief at the Amandala Newspaper, reflecting his steady advancement through the ranks. He continues to contribute to the publication with a focus on writing climate change stories, sparked by the impassioned calls for action he witnessed at COP25. Outside of work, Marco is an avid bushman and self-proclaimed 5-star jungle chef.

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