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No soil? No problem. Caribbean farmers believe in hydroponics

This story was originally produced through Television Jamaica, with the support of Climate Tracker’s COP27 Climate Justice Journalism Fellowship. Kelesha Williams is one of 22 reporters (in-person and online) from across the Global South working alongside Climate Tracker to bring key climate issues to the fore.


Picture of Kelesha Williams

Kelesha Williams

Kelesha is an award-winning journalist in Jamaica, with a passion for people and telling compelling stories.

Her work is focused on social change, the environment, climate change, and rural development. She is a lover of all things nature, and believes to be a truth-seeker destined to hold power to account.

She is focusing on how Jamaica is vulnerable to the worst effects of climate change due to its developing economy and geographical location. The island nation is at increased risk to devastating natural disasters, like hurricanes and tropical storms.

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