Rubí Esmeralda Morillo

About Rubí Esmeralda Morillo

Rubí Morillo, is a 23-year-old journalist and video editor known for her ability to create compelling audiovisual content. Graduating with top honours from Santo Domingo’s Tech Institute in 2022, she discovered her passion for investigative journalism and audiovisual production. Starting as an intern at Acento Digital newspaper in 2019, she quickly excelled in video reporting and editing. Currently working at Listín Diario, she elevates multimedia investigations, YouTube videos, and podcasts. In 2023, she won awards for Best Audiovisual and Best Digital Media Coverage at the Environmental Journalism Awards for her documentaries on wildfires and fast fashion. Beyond journalism, Rubí studies Musical Theater and creates lifestyle content for her social media platforms in her free time.

Stories by Rubí Esmeralda Morillo