Who pays the price of fashion?

Rubí's story won the Best Youth Reporter category of our Caribbean Climate Journalism Awards.

Who Pays the Price of Fashion,” is a documentary series comprising three episodes, shedding light on how fashion is evolving into an environmental and health concern in the Dominican Republic. It is a collaborative project between Rubí Esmeralda Morillo and Yadimir Crespo aiming to amplify voices and initiate crucial conversations.

The nation grapples with issues such as synthetic material usage, inadequate waste management, and the influx of imported garments. Through a thorough investigation, the documentary uncovered a clothing landfill situated behind a flea market, operating without regulatory oversight despite official claims of supervision.


Beyond merely spotlighting the environmental and health ramifications of textile waste, experts in the field offered potential solutions. Media attention on the environmental impact of fashion remains scant in the Dominican Republic. In a country where waste segregation is uncommon, this series sparked dialogue and raised awareness about the accumulation of predominantly imported textiles in outdoor dumps and green spaces, underscoring their detrimental effects on our planet.

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Rubí Esmeralda Morillo

Rubí Esmeralda Morillo

Rubí Morillo, is a 23-year-old journalist and video editor known for her ability to create compelling audiovisual content. Graduating with top honours from Santo Domingo’s Tech Institute in 2022, she discovered her passion for investigative journalism and audiovisual production. Starting as an intern at Acento Digital newspaper in 2019, she quickly excelled in video reporting and editing. Currently working at Listín Diario, she elevates multimedia investigations, YouTube videos, and podcasts. In 2023, she won awards for Best Audiovisual and Best Digital Media Coverage at the Environmental Journalism Awards for her documentaries on wildfires and fast fashion. Beyond journalism, Rubí studies Musical Theater and creates lifestyle content for her social media platforms in her free time.

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