Meet our 10 Caribbean Climate Justice Journalism Fellows

Through this Fellowship, in partnership with Open Society Foundations, we aim to empower and amplify the voices of passionate young journalists dedicated to addressing this crisis and advocating for climate justice in their communities.

The climate crisis affects every corner of the planet, but its impacts are not felt equally. The Caribbean region, with its vulnerable ecosystems, small island states, and high dependence on natural resources, is particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of climate change. In this context, discussing and reporting climate justice in the Caribbean becomes of utmost importance. By understanding and advocating for these issues, we can strive towards a more equitable and sustainable future for the entire region.

In the 1st and 2nd cycles of our Caribbean Climate Justice Journalism Fellowship, we saw insightful stories published from Belize throughout the islands and back down to the mainland Caribbean countries of Guyana and Suriname. Our Fellows covered key issues of climate justice, such as access to sustainable energy, the Escazú Agreement, the mental impacts of the climate crisis, and loss and damage.

Through this Fellowship, in partnership with Open Society Foundations, we aim to empower and amplify the voices of passionate young journalists dedicated to addressing this crisis and advocating for climate justice in their communities.

Over the next 5 months, our 10 Fellows will rock the boat with their storytelling, shedding light on areas of injustice that must be addressed. They will also have fun networking with other technical experts from the Caribbean as well as produce new media content focused on solutions stories.

Join us on this epic journey, celebrating these extraordinary Fellows and getting pumped for their inspiring stories! 🌺🎉🌟

Anwar is an environmental engineer with a passion for climate justice. During his time in Taiwan, he immersed himself in diverse domains, including environmental consulting, non-profit organisation management, and environmental journalism.

Anwar aspires to continue honing his writing skills to empower and educate people, especially those in vulnerable communities, about climate change. Apart from his professional and academic pursuits, Anwar enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, river tracing, and bouldering. In his free time, he also enjoys volunteering in communities and at dog shelters, aiming to contribute in ways beyond his professional work.

Carolina is an award-winning investigative reporter from the Dominican Republic. Currently, she serves as an investigative editor at the oldest newspaper in the DR, Listin Diario. Carolina is also a Chevening and Emerging Media Leaders Programme alum and has experience at the BBC, USA Today, and the Washington Post. She’s an avid fan of travel, reading, and Taylor Swift.

Colvin is a radio broadcaster by profession, boasting nearly 17 years of experience in radio, and has recently ventured into television. Hailing from the rural community of Park Hill on the island of St Vincent, he comes from a family of small farmers.

Colvin has a particular fondness for outdoor radio and TV broadcasts. He harbours a passion for tropical meteorology and is an enthusiastic follower of tropical weather patterns, always striving to keep those around him informed about weather developments. When he’s not on the job, Colvin enjoys delving into online research, particularly on historical subjects and cherishes spending quality time with his family.

Delisa is a diligent young journalist from Jamaica, who is dedicated to crafting impactful narratives that illuminate various facets of human life. With a fervent passion for storytelling, she has worked with charitable organizations that aim to uplift communities and spark positive change.

Recently, Delisa has discovered a newfound passion for climate journalism and is eager to broaden her horizons and contribute meaningfully to this crucial sphere.

Jhaka is a St. Lucian journalist, producer and project manager, currently based in the British Virgin Islands. Despite being a young media practitioner she has been able to gather very significant experience.

Her portfolio spans broadcast, radio, and digital platforms, with both local and regional audiences. She was awarded “Most Outstanding Youth in Media” in 2021, while working as a regional news reporter and correspondent.

Jhaka is a 2023 UNESCO Caribbean SHEROES Academy alumni, and continues to carry on the message of leaving no one behind. In her free time she enjoys fashion design, and bringing her projects to life through sewing, crochet and knit.

Kandace Jackson has been a dedicated journalist based in Tobago for the past twelve years, specialising in environmental reporting. Her deep passion for the environment and a relentless pursuit of adventure drive her to keep climate justice issues at the forefront of her work.

Currently stationed at Tobago Updates, Jackson is renowned for her hands-on approach to journalism – whether venturing out to sea or hiking through the rainforest – to fully grasp and convey the challenges at hand, thereby raising awareness about environmental concerns. When she’s not reporting, Jackson enjoys spending her downtime immersed in nature, whether it’s relaxing at the beach, exploring new landscapes, travelling, or losing herself in a good book.

Kemol is a Guyanese journalist who specialises in oil, gas and energy sector reporting. He is always looking for new skills to help enrich his storytelling and is currently interested in data science. He loves to write and read, whether in or out of work. He’s also a Swiftie.

Marina is a student of Information and Journalism at the Río Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico. She will complete her bachelor’s degree in May 2024 and hopes to begin her master’s degree in Journalism in August of the same year.

Through her supervised internship at the local newspaper El Nuevo Día, Reyes Huertas discovered her passion for reporting on environmental and science issues, from a social perspective focused on human rights. Marina considers journalism, as a profession, serves as a tool to create and share stories that amplify the voices of the people.

Richelle Mac-Nack is a journalist and a master’s degree student in history at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname. With over eight years of experience in print and TV journalism, she sheds light on a range of topics spanning politics, culture, climate, and society. When tackling issues like climate change, she endeavours to underscore the gravity of the situation for both humanity and the environment, with the aim of steadily increasing awareness.

Vanessa is a media specialist boasting over 20 years of experience spanning local, international, corporate, and non-profit sectors. She demonstrates exceptional skills in editorial leadership, rallying print media teams, and orchestrating large-scale events, encompassing sports and fashion shows. Proficient in journalism, marketing, project management, and media relations, Vanessa serves as a communication conduit for numerous outlets and brands. Writing ignites her creativity, while her fervent desire to assist others propels her sense of purpose.

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