Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage from the Impacts of Climate Change

Consider the cultural impact of climate change beyond physical damage. UNESCO and partners are addressing the loss of intangible heritage.

Have you thought about the impact of climate change beyond the physical, tangible things? Erosion and debris left behind in the wake of disasters are all too vivid in the minds, but what about cultural practices and knowledge that are sometimes lost as a result of climate change? It is something that UNESCO and other stakeholders have for some time been trying to address and have now decided to assist the many groups with preserving that intangible cultural heritage. This piece sheds light on the work that is being done through a regional project, but with a focus on Belize.

This story was published on News 5 Live with the support of the Caribbean Climate Justice Journalism Fellowship, which is a joint venture between Climate Tracker and Open Society Foundations.


Duane Moody

Duane Moody

Duane is a renowned award-winning reporter/journalist in Belize and has worked at News Five Belize for the past 15 years. His love for exploring different cultures has led them to travel extensively, immersing himself in diverse experiences. Food, music, and the creative arts hold a special place in his heart. In fact, he dedicated four years to dancing with a prominent dance company in his country, showcasing his talent on local and international stages alongside Belizean artists.

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