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Webinar | Roots of Resistance: Suriname’s Indigenous and Tribal Fight for Climate Justice and Land Rights

Join us to explore the intersection of land ownership, environmental preservation, and the fight for justice in the face of climate change.

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming community hangout webinar, Roots of Resistance: Suriname’s Indigenous and Tribal Fight for Climate Justice and Land Rights, a crucial dialogue addressing the pressing issues of land rights and climate justice faced by Indigenous and tribal groups in Suriname.

This event will explore the intersection of land ownership, environmental preservation, and the fight for justice in the face of climate change.

Event Details

🗓Date: 18th July, 2024
🕒Time: 10:00 am (AST)
👩🏽‍💻Platform: Zoom

Paramaribo Suriname River (Photo credit: Parie Albadar from Getty Images, via Canva Pro)

Guest speaker

Samunda Jabini, Assistant Secretary General at The African Caribbean Pacific Diaspora Youth Support Services, Community Engagement Consultant, and Gender and Youth Engagement Consultant
📍 Suriname

Samunda Jabini is an experienced community engagement professional with a strong background in social science research, advocacy, and environmental and cultural conservation. Her background in sociology and multilingual communication serves as a foundation for her leadership in programmes that uplift the Saamaka community, especially its youth and women.

Samunda has a track record of successfully supporting sustainable practices and bridging diverse groups. It is committed to ongoing growth via networking and capacity building. She has a strong desire to launch a consulting firm that promotes environmental sustainability, engages young people in climate action, and protects cultural heritage.

About the webinar

Suriname, with its rich cultural heritage and vast rainforest landscapes, is home to numerous Indigenous and tribal communities. These communities have historically been the guardians of their ancestral lands, preserving the delicate balance of the ecosystem. However, they now face unprecedented challenges as climate change exacerbates land disputes, threatens their livelihoods, and endangers their cultural heritage.

This webinar aims to shine a spotlight on these critical issues, providing a platform for the voices of those most affected. We will delve into the historical context of land rights in Suriname, examining how colonial legacies and modern policies impact Indigenous and tribal groups. Additionally, we will discuss the urgent need for climate justice, exploring how environmental degradation and climate change disproportionately affect these communities.

What you will learn

Historical Context: Land Rights in Suriname

  • A deep dive into the history of land ownership and rights in Suriname
  • Discussion on the impact of colonialism and modern legal frameworks on Indigenous and tribal lands

Voices from the Frontlines: Indigenous and Tribal Perspectives

  • Personal stories and testimonies from the community
  • The struggle for recognition and legal rights to ancestral lands

Climate Change and Environmental Challenges

  • Analysis of how climate change is affecting Suriname’s ecosystems and communities
  • Examples of deforestation, mining, and other environmental threats

Why attend?

This event is specifically targeted to journalists and the media, to help them gain direct insight into the matter, from a Caribbean perspective, for story ideas. However, our webinar is also necessary for anyone passionate about learning and educating themselves about the historical and current challenges of land rights in Suriname. You will learn, engage, and be inspired to act, by gaining insights on how to support and advocate for sustainable and just solutions.

Join us for this vital conversation as we work towards securing a just and equitable future for Suriname’s Indigenous and tribal communities.

Thank you for being so interested in our event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Picture of Dizzanne Billy

Dizzanne Billy

Dizzanne is Freelance Journalist and Writer and an award-winning Communications and Digital Marketing Specialist with 8+ years experience in climate communications and storytelling. Having served as the President of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network in Trinidad and Tobago, she is a GirlsCARE Mentor, Island Innovation Ambassador, and was a Journalism Fellow with Earth Journalism Network. Dizzanne is currently Caribbean Regional Director at Climate Tracker.

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