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Get in-the-know for COP28 (video)

From November 30th, world leaders will meet in Dubai at the United Nations climate conference, COP28. In the heart of an oil-and-gas-rich country, the United Arab Emirates, representatives from countries around the world will negotiate towards a greener future and steps to combat climate change.
But what else is COP28 all about?


Picture of Kalain Hosein

Kalain Hosein

Kalain is an award-winning multimedia journalist based in Trinidad and Tobago. Since 2014, he has reported on weather, climate, and the environment for his online media company, Trinidad and Tobago Weather Center.

In 2019, Kalain joined Guardian Media Limited in Trinidad and Tobago as their Weather Anchor, producing compelling weather, climate, and environment coverage across television, print, digital, and radio. He has led Guardian Media’s coverage through inclement weather events like tropical cyclones and floods, as well as international climate conferences such as the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP27.

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