Climate Tracker Caribbean Journalism Mentor recognised for Investigative Story

Climate Tracker mentor Hipolito Novelo recently received acclaim for his exceptional investigative journalism 🌟. The prestigious Belize Prize for Investigative Journalism ceremony unfolded on Saturday evening at the House of Culture in Belize City, setting the stage for recognition of outstanding talent in the field.

Hipolito, an integral member of the Climate Tracker community for nearly two years, stood tall as a finalist in this esteemed competition.

As a journalist at News Five, Hipolito poured his heart into his investigative piece on the Chiquibul forest: “Narco Links Suspected as Cattle Ranching Threatens Belize Rainforests.”

Guatemalan cattle graze on Belizean land in the protected Chiquibul Forest near the border with Guatemala. Photo: Hipolito Novelo

Gratitude poured forth from him towards his comrades and mentors who lent unwavering support throughout the journey. He extended heartfelt thanks to Kenroy Michael, the steadfast cameraman who traversed alongside him, Editor Shayanne Dena, and his mentor Freeman Rogers from the BVI.


That trip took an entire day to get to Chiquibul, and it took about three months to produce that investigative piece. I think the Belize Prize for Investigative Journalism is crucial to what we do. I think this is what we wanted for so many years.” Hipolito shared, his voice echoing with passion.

Hipolito underscored the profound significance of the Belize Prize for Investigative Journalism in fostering and honouring investigative journalism in Belize. He articulated how such initiatives serve as catalysts, propelling journalists like himself to plunge deeper into issues, meticulously analyzing data, files, and documents, all in service of catalysing positive change for both the profession and the populace. 📰🌎

On behalf of the entire Climate Tracker community, we extend congratulations to Hipolito for this much-deserved acknowledgement and express well-wishes as he continues to highlight the Caribbean narratives. 🔍🌾


Dizzanne Billy

Dizzanne Billy

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